Fiona Hayhoe-Weiland - Little Yogis
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Little Yogis - Play yoga for children

Yoga is a powerful, simple, fun tool to help children manage better in their daily lives, and feel well in their bodies and minds.
Using games, stories and interactive activities, the children learn concentration skills, effective breathing techniques to calm and balance, and appropriate yoga forms for their age.

Nell Lindsell (Founder of YogaBugs) explains that regular practice of yoga can reap these rewards for our children:
  • Breathing exercises improve concentration and energy levels.
  • Relaxation techniques clear the mind, allowing for better memory retention.
  • Postures help recharge a weak immune system and strengthen the core, stabilizing muscles in the abdomen and back.
  • Posture work also helps tone the body and reduce obesity, maintaining a child’s natural flexibility which can start to shut down from an early age.
  • Yoga classes help develop creativity and self expression, and improve self-confidence through vocalization techniques and postures designed to release day-to-day anxieties.
  • The practice of yoga improves co-ordination and balance, promotes healthy sleep patterns and allows children to explore their intuitive and spiritual side.

Saturday-Specials for children and parents

"Der Geheimnisvolle Apfelbaum" -
Date: March 17th 2018 @ IBIS (Independent Bonn International School), Tulpenbaumweg 42, Heiderhof, 53177
Time: 10:00 - 11:30 am with a picnic in the playground afterwards.

A magical, fun adventure combining yoga and circus skills, with Marion and Fiona.
Children can either join alone, or with a parent.
Suggested for children between 5 - 10 years (if you have a child older or younger who is interested, let us know)

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn to integrate yoga with your child, and if you are not practicing yoga yourself, to simply experience what kind of practice-rhythm they follow and what they love about yoga. Come and have fun with movement and breath!

Independent Bonn International School (IBIS) A regular termly class for children attending IBIS, the Independent Bonn International School. Contact Fiona for details.

Private Lessons € 30/ 30 minutes