InSpire your practice by Being It. The depth of commitment to our practice for life, happens in any one moment when we choose it. This online portal invites you to come to class wherever you are as often as you like. Be InSpire(d) each day, and notice how this changes your life in simple, pure ways.

What you get from being a member

  • An evolving project - new videos and audios monthly (Yin, Flow, relaxation, meditation, story telling)
  • Staying connected - choose what and when you wish to practice
  • Relaxed choice - choose the package that suits you (1 month, 3 months, 1 year)
  • Cancellation - you can cancel with one months notice
  • Viewing options - you can view on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone



Access my online classes all year around.

190 € for 1 year



Access my online classes for three months.

50 € for 3 months



Access my online classes for one month.

20 € for 1 month

When I started practicing and learning yoga in 1994, there was a quiet simplicity to Yoga that I notice has changed with its evolution in the world. Yoga was, for me, a reflective internal process that occurred through the physical body, using my personal curiosity and inquiry to deepen my experience of myself and my relationship to the world around me. I still believe in this. So, this is my intention here - Be your practice. It is not about the studio, the clothes, the mat, but about you in this moment being as honest and kind with yourself as possible.

How this works:
Being an integrated human being - Repetition is a tool to reinforce our learning within and without. First we embody the practice in ourselves, and then through this embodiment we learn how to integrate these essential tools through our communication and communion with others.

Stay with a sequence for a few days or a few weeks, to embody the deeper meaning of moving and breathing, until you feel this integration within and without.

Self-empowered - Being a part of a community that matters to us, is a reminder of what is important in life. Being supported and supporting of key life qualities, values and morals, reinforces this importance. Going to yoga class is a part of this essential life-thread that weaves us on our path. When it is not possible to attend, the online portal supports you to stay connected to this community.

Changing old habits for strong healthy habits - Repetition and reward are two essential factors for the building of a strong habit. The daily habit builds new neural pathways and the reward of the daily achievement helps you enjoy it. There is a third important factor in the building of a habit - curiosity. When you are occupied with one thing for a long time, the novelty wears off and the mind loses can lose the new habit without realizing it. By improving and evaluating your goal, your can keep it new, challenging and interesting.
(This last paragraph is an inspiring extract from: Jasper van der Meulen, Mindlift, p.119)

Just as we can effectively learn new healthy habits, so can we also very easily settle into not-such-healthy habits - stay connected to attending class regularly too. Without corrections and adjustments, we can also instill incorrect postures and movements in our body system that can reinforce old habits in mind and body.

Before you apply for a membership, have a look at this sitting sequence.

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